Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Getting help for a problem is weird. I mean you have to admit you have one admit you don't know what to do about it submit yourself to someone else's interpretation of how to deal with it and hope that it solves.
Change is so difficult sometimes and it brings me back to reading about the mind is a cognitive miser. I don't want to spend any unnecessary thinking energy on something I've already developed a pattern for whether it be healthy or not. If I'm a hot headed lunatic that's what I am don't tell me to learn new ways of approaching a difficult situation. I don't want to do work my mind is pleading it's just lazy by nature. 
People say it's better in the long run it makes for a better you, be that as it may. When shit hits the fan you just deal with it your mind deals with it, when you are given the choice to be you and use the unhealthy mechanisms you have adopted to deal with conflict as opposed to being more pragmatic, your lazy mind always chooses the former.
Problem seems to be giving your lazy mind the power to control your future. What then can you do to control the minds laziness and save yourself heartache and pain down the road. How does one combat your mind when you are your mind.

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