Tuesday, 22 September 2015


The only thing we crave is a connection to a another being and some call that love.  What are you to do then if love is taken away from you. In most cases as in mine what one realizes is that love is not confined to one person one relationship. 
Children give the most pure form of love, parents give the most accepting form of love, friends give the most compassionate form of love. Once you give credit to this love the one that was taken away doesn't hold much power again. 
What about finding love within yourself, who knows what good you can do when you feed yourself exactly what you're hungry for. Open your heart to yourself and listen and commit, Noone else can do it like you can. Could it be that the best love you can ever know is one that once awakened can never be taken away and can only grow as you become more aware of how to serve yourself. 
It's a beautiful thing to think about that the most supreme being has given us the ability to love and we crave love and to love and how simply perfect will it be if we first do this for ourselves. Who can then have power over you if you are taking care of your every need your most basic need especially. Love yourself learn to love yourself struggle to love yourself. 
When it happens I believe you can love others in a way that is not self seeking just for the benefit of sharing good energy. You will love not to feel good about yourself but because you are already good with yourself you love simply to feel better.

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